Spirit Human

Spirit Human


A billion wondrous thoughts

Flit and float around

Inside my mind.

My soul soars

Alight with mystery and joy.

I’m also painfully human sometimes.


To be human is

To be limited,

Constricted and confined

To that which your body is capable,

Push all you want

You will never fly without some assistance.

Your body will tire,

Will need to eat, will need to relieve itself.


To be spirit is

To be limitless

To be open, wide and peace filled

To know love and truth

Deeply and completely


To be born on this planet

To live out a life

Is to be in a constant state

Of trying to find a balance.

To be spirit

In human form

Is to be conflicted

To feel a constant pull

From each side

Yearning for greatness

Yearning for pleasure.


I’ll spend the whole

Of my time on this planet

Attempting to find that balance

To be spirit and human

At once.

To be where I am

When I am without judgment.


What are your thoughts?

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