Changing Priorities


Where Do I Fit In My Schedule?

Life can carry us away,

Distract us with

The should’s, the have to’s ,

With fear and guilt and

A whole bunch of other things

On any given day.

I have to clean the house,

I have to go to work,

I have to work late,

I have to cook a brilliant meal,

I have to take care of

The kids, my significant other, my parents,

My friends, my siblings,

The laundry.

The list goes on and on

It lasts far into tomorrow and

Way beyond the next day

It reaches to forever,

And far behind to yesterday.

Everything has to be bigger, better


But where am I

On my list of priorities?

Where do I fit in to my busy scheduled life?

Aren’t I the reason I’m able to have

This busy scheduled life?

What if I flipped this schedule upside down,

Spun my beliefs all the way around?

What if I believed I was the most important thing,

Put my well-being first?

What if tending to my spiritual and emotional needs

Were as much of a priority as eating?

“You’d be selfish,

You’d never get things done,

It would never work,

You’d lose your job,

You’d lose your house,

Your family and friends would hate you,

You’d be a

Horrible person!”

But what if that voice was wrong?

Because you can’t give from an empty cup,

You can’t help when you’ve nothing to offer.

You can’t feed the hungry with no food to give.

You can’t bring joy to others without possessing it yourself.

Maybe it’s selfish to deprive yourself

Because in depriving yourself you are depriving others

All because that pesky little ego driven voice

Has been allowed to sit in the driver seat.

What harm can come of giving it a try.

Let go of all the should’s, the have to’s

Embrace yourself, give yourself a big hug

And test it out, give it a

Really good honest try over

A good long period of time

Put yourself first

And watch what happens!

So I was inspired by my dear friend Lauren last night. I attended a workshop she gave called Sacred Play: Manifesting Joy at the Center for Relaxation and Healing. During the evening our conversation turned to priorities and how it’s very easy to let finding joy fall off our priority list. This poem came out of that conversation. I truly believe that it is possible to have joy on our priority list along with many other things that frequently get left off. It’s really just a matter of perspective. By accepting the fact that our priority list is in fact a choice, it allows us to take back power and control over our lives. That doesn’t mean we can just stop working and spend our whole life playing or seeking spiritual enlightenment. We still live on this planet and that therefore means we have to – to some degree, live by the “rules” in that we need shelter, food, transportation etc. But we can decide each day what is our priority and our own well-being and joy can be a priority and can fit into life on this planet. We just need to get a little creative and find the value in it. While it isn’t always easy, it is simple, and only needs to happen one step at a time.

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