Morning Beauty


The Morning

In the silence of the early morning

Everything seems clear

Hope shimmers in the

Growing light.

Magic is possible and

Love fills the air.

The waking sun

Spills slowly over every inch of land.

Sounds of night give way to day.

Colors sharpen as light rinses

Over them.

The darkness of the night lightens

Illuminated with golden beams

Burning off the fog

That settled on the ground.

After the dimness of night

That seemed so impenetrable

So all encompassing,

Even a glimmer of light is

A welcome relief.

Basking in the glory of a new day,

A dawn come to

Show the way forward,

Remind of new starts

After troubling lessons learned.


So far today has been a little gloomy, dark and foggy here in New Jersey and I wanted to turn that around. While I can find magic in the mist, I’m longing for some sunshine right now. So I decided that this poem would be perfect because it’s a reminder of the possibility and hope that exists in the morning beauty. It brings some sunshine into an otherwise gray day. Hopefully it does the same for you! I’d love to know if it does!


What are your thoughts?

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