The miracle that is night.



Miracle of Night


In the darkness the lights

Seem even brighter.

Illuminating the small space surrounding.

Stripes paint the road

Every other black then peachy glow

A gentle fade in between.

I walk this lonely road

In the darkness,

Yet fear lies far away.

I’m alive, awake for a special time

Witness to the magic, the beauty

That is the deepest part of night.

The silence comforting, the depth of darkness

Warms my soul,

Taking me to places, a world to which

I could never see in the light of day.

Every lamplight, streetlight, stoplight

Every porch light, walkway light, candle lit window,

Glow in effervescence, a steady stream

That reminds of holidays and Christmas lights

And start winking in the sky.

The whole world transforms into a fairytale

While everyone sleeps,

Locked up in their homes, tucked deep in their beds,

I become the witness,

The one who sees it all

The miracle that is the night.

I frequently go for walks at night, I quite enjoy it. There is something very special about the night, something sacred. A hush comes over everything and these little patches of light come into view and just inspire so much within me; inspire poems, stories, a sense of being witness to and part of something special. How do you enjoy the night? 


What are your thoughts?

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