Lighthearted look at my shadow



Of the other side


I often think of


I like to wallow in my gloom.

While candy coated colored wasps

Dance around the room.

Splintered crystal rainbows

Shine light on

Grumpy, greedy, growling gits

That live inside my toes.

Those shadow selves,

The darkened parts of me

Who eat up mashed potatoes

And leave trails of tears behind.

Unruly silver elves

Whose thoughts are those

Of unrefined psychos.

Anger is their middle name

They romp,

Creating such a ruckus.

They do all the horrid things

I could never even think about.

Jump up, jump down

Gasp, I’ve been found out

A daemon lives inside

Behind the sweet, smiling exterior.

I’m not all bunnies and sunshine,

An ugly monster rears its head

From deep inside of me.

But I’ll give it a flower and

Love it anyway

Cause even the ugly beast

Has a heart of marshmallow gold.


This is a poem that is very dear to me. Something about the word play makes me smile. Which I always find interesting because the nature of it is a shadow side, the angry cranky part of myself that can sometimes be unsettling. Yet this is such a lighthearted view of that side, a way of handling and accepting that part of myself. We all have that part of us, that wants to scream at someone for being ridiculous, but at least for me, I never allow that part to come out. But to admit that there is part of me that gets angry and frustrated is liberating. Especially through this poem because it approaches it in such a way as to make it less serious- which less face it, what we desperately need when we are angry or upset is to be able to see the less serious side of things. And since it’s Friday, and not just any Friday but the Friday before a three day weekend, I thought we need a little fun here.

How do you handle your shadow side?



What are your thoughts?

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