Of moonlight



Of Moonlight


Of moonlight

And sparkling stars

My mind does wander to

On cool and cozy nights.

To jump astride

A shooting star

Dash around the world

Spilling fairy dust

Along the way

Covering the earth

In shimmering sparkles of love,

Brings immense joy.

I’m free on those

Wandering nights

To whisper with the wind

In sleeping ears


Of the wondrous woods

And magical creatures therein,

To make friends with the clouds

Have races across the sky.

Forget about the sorrows,

Let go into the joy,

Into the freedom promised

In the crisp sighs of the evening breeze,

Into the wonder of the flow

That is life,

That is love,

That is me.


Just as the sun provides immense inspiration to me, so does the moon. So frequently when the sun has gone to bed, I sit at my window staring at the night sky, watching the stars and getting lost in the bigness of it all. Feeling so small and yet infinitely connected to the greatness. There is something so magical and mystical about the night for me. I become a child again and find myself lost in imaginings of places I visit while flying through the sky. This is just one of many poems I have written about that beautiful, mystical moon. What do you think about when you see the moon?


What are your thoughts?

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