Slowly light returns



Slowly Light Returns


And through the darkness

Slowly came the light.

Peaking around corners,

Sneaking through trees,

Tiny slivers, miniature pieces

Landing on the darkest spaces.

Bringing light to places

I thought would never again know light.

Bringing warmth and love.

It isn’t expedited,

No overnight shipping.

Darkness still lingers,

Highlighting the light even more.

Each day more light, with it brings.

But the worst is over,

The darkest part of night has given way,

At least for now.


Because no matter how dark the night is, no matter how long the winter, light always returns. No matter how horrible things seem/are they always turn around. Some days we are sad and some days we are happy. I find letting go into whatever the emotion – while realizing that I am not the emotion – is extremely helpful. What helps you find the light again?


What are your thoughts?

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