It’s a little chilly



Chilled to the bone


There’s a chill in the air

Such as we haven’t felt

In quite some time.

Stuffed inside buildings,

Bundled against the wind.

We huddle inside of ourselves

Covering every inch if skin.

Hoping the bitter taste of

The frigid wind

Won’t stay on our tongues.

We long for warmth

The heat of the sun,

For the lounging days of summers gone.

Instead we wake to

Temperatures well below

The mark of freezing.

Hibernation is all we can think of

Wishing we could

Snuggle in bed until the

Light of spring slowly draws us

From our heavy sleep.

But we don’t live in that kind of world.

We must get up, get out of bed

Move around,

Wrap up and step into the biting cold

That nips our fingers, nose and toes.

Jolting us awake

Blowing the sleep from our eyes

Bringing a crisp clarity to the world.


Well, it’s mighty cold here in NJ, with the high today reaching a warm 20 degrees Fahrenheit! I can only say that I’ll take the frigid temperatures as long as there is sun, and so far we have had sun so I’m just grateful for that. Although the cold does seem to have everyone feeling sluggish and reluctant to leave there beds let alone their homes. I feel the same way, but the sun helps me move, so I just stand in the window feeling the warmth of the sun and pretend it’s summer until my imagination can no longer fool me when I walk outside. What do you do in the cold to keep warm?


What are your thoughts?

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