It’s a grumpy kind of day



Angry at the world

I think I’m going to be angry the world today

Do you think that would be ok

Just for one day.

It won’t last longer than that.

I promise it won’t become a constant hat.

I just feel so angry,

Everyone who crosses my path makes me feel


I want to

Scream and

Yell and

Stomp and

Throw and

Hit and


A pillow.

I want to

Cry and

Sniffle and


At everything.

Grrr is what you would hear

Running through my brain.

All the little things loom around me

Making my anger rear it’s ugly head.

Yes It is quite ugly

Unrecognizable and so awfully loud.

So I think today I’ll be mad at the world.

Give my anger a chance to get all heated up.

I run around and hit a pillow, maybe dance it out.

By tomorrow I will be myself again.

I will love the world and put my anger to sleep.

At least until the next today when I have to be angry at the world.

You know it may not be so bad to hate the world

As long as it is done in manageable pieces,

And you make sure you love the world extra hard

And extra long when you aren’t angry at it.


Did you ever have one of those days where everything and everyone annoyed you. Where you just felt like crawling into bed just to get away from all the frustrating things happening? Yea, me too. Then of course I feel awful that I’ve been getting annoyed by things and feel like I’m some kind of spiritual fraud. I mean I’ve read books, done work on myself only to still get frustrated when cars cut in front of me. Not very spiritual huh? But you know what, I’m still human and that means sometimes I get aggravated by things. As long as I don’t turn around and smack someone it’s fine for me to have my emotions. Plus I’ve learned that frequently when I’m feeling aggravated by things it’s usually because of something else going on inside me. So when I get a moment and can just be with myself give myself some time to just feel what I’m feeling, all the aggravation melts away. I find that the more I try to pretend or push away “bad” emotions the worse it is for me. I find it’s better to let the emotions flow through so they won’t get stuck and make me miserable. Plus when I’m having a grumpy day I make a point of trying to be extra nice to people to counteract all the grumpiness inside. What do you think, what do you do when you’re angry?


What are your thoughts?

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