Sending rainbow love



Sending love


I close my eyes

To see the real me.

Radiant being of energy

Filled with love and light.

Casting a million

Tiny strings of

Colored love and light

About the planet,

Connecting with each radiant being.

Each tiny string

Is part of a greater

Plane of light that

Comes from and through me.

Tiny drops of silvery

Love shimmer and sparkle

Down each tiny strand

As they vibrate

With love.

Vibrating to a higher frequency,

I feel it tingle

In my hands, feet, heart,


I can play them

Like guitar strings

Sending energy down one faster

Or slower

Changing the color,

Altering the shape the movement takes.

It’s a magical, mystical game

Sending love to all.


Have you ever had a moment where an image or word just popped into your head and wouldn’t leave? It just rumbled and stumbled around up there until you did something with it? Well that’s where this came from. At some point in meditating this morning, this image of tiny strings of colored light energy flowing out of me came up. As soon as it did I could tell it was sticking around until I processed it. Part of processing for me usually involves writing, but sometimes I break out the paint and colored pencils and pastels and get some color on paper. I have a feeling that may be the case here, but who knows I’ll have to wait and see.

I realized that this image is my interpretation of an aura or energy field or whatever you choose to call it. I’m always very sensitive to and aware of the energy around me, frequently I can feel it vibrating in, through and around me (it’s really cool). This poem is my way of letting you in, and giving a glimpse of what it’s like for me. How do you experience energy? 


What are your thoughts?

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