From the darkness



Out of the Darkness


Slipping slowly under the water

Down to the deepest section of the lake

Swallowed by the chill,

Engulfed in darkness

The ripples slow and end

Leaving no trace behind of

What has sunk below to the depths.

The stinging pain subsides

Giving way to numb silence.

It is in the depths,

The dark places of the soul

Where we find hope,

It’s in those spaces where the greatest lessons

Are learned.

It’s where we come face to face

With our shadows,

The parts we’d rather hide.

We meet every dreaded piece,

See our faults and cracks.

But from that meeting

Grows an understanding,

Which eventually turns to caring and then to love.

The greatest journey is to

Learn to love oneself

To love oneself as a whole,

Demons, faults, cracks and all.

To shift our view to see that all those

Dark parts of ourselves

The selfishness, the fear

Are really perfect because they create

Places for the light to shine through,

Serve as teachers to help move us along.

In the darkness, we can learn how to love

Muddle about until we can surface again,

Breaking through with shimmering droplets

Glistening and splashing in the morning light.


I have found and continue to find that out of the darkness- the deepest sadness and pain comes great understanding and love. Times of fear and anguish have led me to a place of greater knowing and self love. Of course when I’m in the middle of fear and sadness I’m in no place to recognize that I’m learning and growing, but when I come out the other side it all becomes clear. Sometimes even in the dark I can see that the dark allows the light to shine even brighter, and that is a special time. What have you learned in your times of darkness?


What are your thoughts?

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