My Wings



My Wings


Wind brushes my face

With love

From behind me.

A power grows,

I feel strength beating,

Coming out of my back.


They have grown out of my

Shoulder blades.

They are brilliant

And huge,

I feel them expanding way out

As I open them to each side,

Bending, feeling like extra arms.

They shimmer and gleam in the light,

Colored a creamy white,

Speckled and dusted with hues of blue

Sliver sparkles shine, and

Yellow streaks run through.

They are beautiful

Powerful and light.

I can wrap myself up in their feathery glory

Like I’m in a cocoon of love.

I can stretch them up and reach them out,

And wrap the whole world in my love.

Without even thinking,

I know how to fly.

I look for the closest cliff,

With a running start I

Jump without hesitation

For flying, it’s in my blood,

 I was born knowing.

The beautiful thing about my special wings

Is I can take them in water,

And fly in the sea.

They are a brilliant and wonderful part of me.  


Yup, I have wings. When I remember they are there I feel so much better, so much lighter, so much more imaginative. I feel such a sense of power. I can feel connected to the energy of the birds that I see soaring above me. I can release and let go of all the things that hold me down and cause pain, even if only for a moment.  Everyone has wings, those things that make you feel like a super-hero. It is incredibly freeing to tap into your ‘wings.’  What are your wings?


What are your thoughts?

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