Transmuting fear




Transmuting Fear


Fear creeps in

With icy fingers

Trying to wrap around my heart

Attempting to pull me

Into darkness

Into forgetting about the light

It’s crafty and tricky

In its ways of deception

Making me think it’s all me

That I’m broken and have

Lost my way

That somehow I’ve done something

To keep the light away.

The light doesn’t fight

It doesn’t have to

It filters in through every day

Warming me

Filling me with love

Keeping me in remembering

That I am love

Never lost

Never disconnected

It swoops down with every bird

Flows through every river

Climbs around every mountain

And whispers to me through the wind

That I am light

That I am love

That fear is an illusion

Created by my mind

In an attempt to keep me safe

To keep me from trying

From moving beyond

That which is comfortable to me.

I’ll spread my wings and

Wrap myself in feathers

Feel the love and light

That always is inside

Keep it with me always.

Use it to love the fear

Love the sadness

Love the pain

Love the anger

And turn them into

The greatest teachers.


Fear can be the greatest hindrance to joy and a great teacher at the same time. I am a very sensitive person, emotions tend to take over, and can be incredibly intense and manifest as physical sensations. This includes all emotions not just fear or joy. But fear, anger and sadness are rather uncomfortable emotions to have. But if I can let go into them, love them and come to them with the view of an interested observer they can teach me so much about myself and the world. It can be very challenging to love an emotion that I wish I wasn’t having because it makes me uncomfortable and yet it’s what usually helps in the end. I believe in the power of love, wholeheartedly so why not use love on my uncomfortable emotions? What helps you move through your uncomfortable emotions?


What are your thoughts?

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