A new day dawns



A New Day


With the rising of the sun

All despair is washed away

Illuminated with

The gently shining light.

Waking sounds of early morning

Transport me to a place

Where thoughts are still

Nature rules,

Sending useless worries

Off with the breeze.

Grounding me in truth

What’s really present here

Only that which I can see,

Taste, touch

I’m brought back to life

Down out of the clouds

Of thoughts, worries and fears

That shroud me in darkness.

The cool grass awakens all my senses

I am completely aware, of

Life around me.

It is wondrous,


To be woken for a new day.


When I’m on the edge, teetering somewhere between peace and discomfort, the dawning of a new day can tip me over towards peace. Being present for the sunrise, watching as a whole new day begins can set a good tone for the day. Now maybe it doesn’t last, and things happen throughout the day to eat away at the peace, but it does help. When sunrise is covered with clouds a picture serves as a good reminder of the beauty of the sun shining forth and bringing with it a new day. How do you enjoy the sunrise?


What are your thoughts?

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