Powerful beauty



Beauty Holds Power


Unspeakable beauty

Lies behind the crumbling walls.

As the old life chips and falls away

The setting sun

Casts shadows

Paints that life with deep colors.

A new picture emerges

Brilliant at the end of the day.


Beauty like that

Has power unlike any other.

Power to change a mind,

To move one to tears

Bring one back home.

Beauty like that

Can fix a broken heart,

Warm a lonely soul.


A pictures worth

Is measured in

The emotions tied to it.

How deeply can it reach.

A song

Will pick me up

Send me on a cloud

Round the world,

It can pump me up

Or calm me down,

Set me free or bring me down.


Beauty, speaks in

Many ways

Through emotions

Without words.

It’s power lies in wait

Unassuming to wash over

As a cool rain.

Beauty keeps truth

Gently burning deep inside

A candle lit for all to see

To feel if only they



As I may have mentioned before, I am a very sensitive person, and that sensitivity extends to beauty, particularly natural beauty. When I see a beautiful sunrise or sunset, see the colors of the sky I can easily be brought to tears by the sheer wonder of it. This poem is my way of expressing that overwhelming sense of beauty and wonder. There is a sense of power that I feel when I bear witness to an expansive view from a mountaintop or a rainbow stretching across the sky. It is a silent beautiful power. What does beauty mean to you?


What are your thoughts?

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