How is it all so serious?





How do you process

Something you don’t want

To be true.

How do you move through

The pain

Work with the grief

When the only tears

You manage to cry

Are silent tears

That leak without permission.

Because all you want

Is to cry with heaving

Body shaking

Heart wracking sobs,

But you know

That to let that happen

To open the box

Even a little


Be terrible.

To let tears fall

Would precipitate

The crumbling and breaking

Of you,

Of life as you know it.

How do you

Keep yourself together

When you’re really falling apart.

How can things be so horrible

So utterly dramatic

While the sun shines

And breezes blow,

While my body continues to breathe

While my arms and legs

Keep moving.

How can I look in the mirror

And see nothing different

Save maybe a sadness in the eyes.

How can it be so


And yet



I chose this poem today because there is something hauntingly beautiful about it. I wrote it at a time when I was really struggling. When I look back on things I have written in times of sadness and pain there usually seems to be this sad beauty. Now that I am in a better place it serves as a good reminder of how far I have come. To remember the pain, the sorrow allows me to feel an even greater sense of gratitude for what I have and where I am now. It also serves as a reminder that in the moment everything seems so serious and awful but with time it looses it’s seriousness. If I could remember that in a moment of pain I might suffer a little bit less. What helps you remain grateful?


2 thoughts on “How is it all so serious?

  1. Evocative, inspiring words like the ones in this poem help me to be grateful – and to feel the “sad beauty” you speak of…. thank you for sharing.


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