Before we can begin



Before Beginnings


Every story begins

With a single word

A step that leads

Into the next

Begins every dance

One foot in front of the other

Takes you right out the door.

But what is it

That thing

Right before

The first word

First move

First step

That empty breath

That comes before

That streak of inspiration.

Which moves

Nothing into something

Silence into song

Stillness into dance.

Is it God or Goddess,

Is it Allah or Budha

Is it an Angel or a Muse

Is it Universal Energy or Brahma

Is it Spirit or Vishnu

Is it Waheguru or Acholi

Is it Embu or Baha

Is it Shiva or Gitche Manitou

Is it Love?

To what can we apply a name

When we do not

Fully know its being.

A name defines that

Which it names

So how then can we

Define the nameless.

What would happen if

We let it be

The space it holds

For creativity to blossom?

What if we left it outside of

Any box we thought we could create

To hold it in our minds

Which lacks the means to fully

Understand that which is beyond

Meaning found in words?

If it stayed un-named

Would poetry still be written

Would dances still emerge

Would roads still be traveled?

It cares not for names

For labels only limit


But at the same time

Words set us free

Keep us connected to each other.

It is only when

We see the limits we’ve

Created for ourselves

Out of words we think

Define in ultimate existence

That which we thought we were,

That we can move beyond

And stretch the meanings into something more.

To realize those limits

Were created from our

Own minds

So that is where the

Change begins.

Right back in our circle to the space


The silent pause

Before my brain begins

To make a change

To move the limits

Transform them into gates

Leading on to new places.

That space of possibility

Of endless hope

Which leads to everywhere

And is nowhere

Is a place without

While being completely



Before any kind of beginning there is always a space. A time right before things start where there is emptiness, which could be nothing or something. That space may be tiny and seemingly undetectable but it is there. In that space I find an emptiness that is really full of peace and calm. It is a time that is laden with opportunity and hope for whatever may be beginning.

What do you find in the space before beginning?



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