Buttercup love



Buttercup Love


Glancing down

Eyes searching for something

To fill the void.

Greeted by a ray of shining

Yellow faces.

Tiny yellow petals

On top of thin green sticks

Reaching out with love

To smile on me.

Such genuine joy

Spills out from every inch

Of yellow goodness

Reaching into the very depths of me.

Filling me up

With buttercup love.


Each little petal

Stretches in, winding around

All parts of my heart

Filling with golden drops

Of sun warmed love

Each hole, each tear, each scar.

That buttercup love heals me through and through.

They bring me joy,

They beg to be braided all through my hair

Making me smell of the earth.

Make me feel like a fairy skipping along.

Filled to the brim

With buttercup love.


So here in NJ the ground is covered in snow thanks to Nemo. While I do love a good snow, love the beauty, the quiet. I find myself longing for spring. In an attempt to bring a little spring into my snowy, wintry day I decided to share some buttercup love! There really is something special about buttercups and they are brightening my day already!

How do you bring a little spring to the dark winter days?


What are your thoughts?

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