It only takes a moment to know



A moment of knowing


It only takes a moment

Only one small breath

To know.

A calm settles and I can hear

Yes singing deep inside.

A knowing with deep roots

This is right,

I have found it

My place, my path.

No matter how illogical,

How incomprehensible,

How impractical

I know

It will be,

It is.

I need not know the

Earthly details to know

The truth.

With time it always comes to be.

In wondrous and miraculous ways

That I never could have imagined.

That is trust,

That is knowing.

Letting go the need to control and micro-manage

Every aspect of life

Allowing the universe to do some work

On my behalf.


Just one moment can bring trust and knowing back. I have been lucky to have moments where I just know that something is right for me in that moment. Now that doesn’t mean that over time things didn’t change or that I haven’t had struggles along the way. But I have had the privilege of knowing trust and faith and watching as those things paired with patience have allowed wonderful things to blossom in my life. In times when I’m feeling impatient and frustrated I try to remember how in the past things have worked out even when I didn’t know how they ever could. 

What helps you stay in faith and trust?


What are your thoughts?

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