Yes to life


A little voice whispers


Unsure at first

But growing louder

More confident

Yes, yes, yes!

A voice of truth

Of hope

Saying yes to life

Yes to love

To joy

To pain

To tears

To experiencing all life offers

Yes to music,

Yes to beauty,

Yes lessons and learning them

To the present

To hope

To laughter.


It isn’t until I heard


That I realized how long

I had been saying no.

How long I had been

Fighting against life

Wishing things were different,

Getting mired in the pain.


I heard yes

Whispered from the

Deepest truest piece of me.

I will spend eternity

Attempting to bring that


Out into the world

And live my life

With a great resounding



What can I say, sometimes I just want to say yes to life! Not always believe me, sometimes it is a struggle to say yes to life and accept all that comes with it. But when I feel that yes, and can say it aloud it is a wonderful, powerful, magical feeling. I couldn’t think of anything that says yes to life more than climbing a mountain(for me at least). Climbing isn’t easy, getting to the top can be hard, but if I say yes to all I encounter along the way I am greeted with a magnificent view when I get to the top and a feeling of accomplishment and wonder! In the end it’s all worth it.

What do you say yes to in your life?


What are your thoughts?

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