Top of the lighthouse



Top of the Lighthouse


Come, meet me

At the top of the lighthouse

Just before the sun goes down.

We’ll watch the colors painted

Across the deepest section of the sky.

Where angels dance

On the edge between sea and sky,

Making shimmers skirt across the waves.

We’ll watch as stars are born,

Made new.

Crisp evening air will

Swirl around our feet, rushing up

Past our faces through our hair.

Backs lean against the wall,

Feet just barely hang

Out over the edge.

There is no silence here.

The wind always rushes,

From land to sea and the other way around.

Constant hum in my ears.

But the calm is overwhelming

It’s a calm only found

In the depths of chaos.

The eye of the storm,

Calm so sweet because it’s

Surrounded by swirling twirling chaos.



Lately I have felt so drawn to lighthouses. Don’t know why exactly, but have just been feeling drawn to them. Of course there are no lighthouses very close to me, so I’ve had to visit them in my imagination and dreams until I can get to a real one. Especially now, they remind me of summer and warmth and that is a refreshing reminder as there is still snow on the ground outside.

What have you been drawn to lately?


What are your thoughts?

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