A Valentines day rising



One Billion Rising


The moment is here

The moment is now

When we say no

To fear,

To violence,

To anger.


The moment is here

The moment is now

When we say yes

To love,

To joy,

To peace.


No longer will

Fear take hold of our emotions

We release

That which does not serve our

Highest good and the

Highest good of all.

We hold the world with open arms

Spreading love and light

With a power so strong

None could dim it.

We dance and sing in the glory

Of ourselves

We move for each other,

We move for ourselves.

We unite in a movement of peace

In a movement of

No longer allowing

Violence to exist in this world.

We stand up

Hand in hand

With every human on the planet

Pledging to

Make it better

To be better

To love with all our might.


Happy Valentines day everyone! Today is more than just another day or another Valentines day for me. Today I am taking part in One Billion Rising, a global movement to demand an end to violence against women. I will be dancing tonight as part of this movement and I am filled with such a sense of hope, power and community at the thought of it. It’s time to make a difference, it’s time to say violence in unacceptable in this world, we won’t have it! If you are interested visit http://onebillionrising.org/

How are you spreading love today?


What are your thoughts?

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