Dance of joy



Dance of joy

She steps out onto the floor.

The music sweetly fills the air

No one is there

To see the moment.

She begins to sway

One foot then the other,

The motion rocking, gently

Her whole body.

With the music

She moves

Lifting and stretching

Every limb in time

With the beat.

Becoming a blur she leaps

And bounds

With grace beyond imagination.

A trail of shimmering light

Follows behind sweeping

By with every twirl.

The joy is evident in every twist

And every turn.

She is the dance, the music

They all are one.

You need only see to hear the music


She sings the song through her body.

Every action tells a story,

Shows every deep emotion

Expressed through arcs and lines

Created with arms and legs

Fingers and toes.

Until exhaustion takes over

Bringing her to rest upon the ground

A painfully slow

Journey into stillness

Where the rest all falls away

Leaving everything behind

And nothing in its place.

Where surrender gives way

To contented peace.


So, I danced last night as part of One Billion Rising and all I can say is wow. What an amazing event and what amazing energy. It felt so wonderful to dance and it inspired this poem. Dance is something very special to me, it is one of the best ways I know to express what I’m feeling without getting stuck in those feelings. When I dance I am completely and wholly free. I feel more myself when I let go into the music and allow my body to move than at any other time in life.

When do you feel most yourself?


What are your thoughts?

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