Different dimensions for me



Different Dimensions


Welcome to my life

Of inopportune starts

Premature endings

Filled with tears.

Of failings and learning.

Where moments

Translate into days,

Lifetimes last each second and

Forever is a day.

Where quakes that

Rock the stable,

Give place for me to hold

Reach out a hand

To grab the things

I thought I’d never know.

Of wind chimes

Blowing in the breeze

Whispering forgiveness

For all I thought I’d be

Letting go of expectations

Only to discover what was

Right in front of me

Was mirrored and never out

Of sight.

Revisiting the soul that lives inside

To bring it up and out.

Each leaving is an ending

Entwined with a new start,

With hugs and tears

And a release of fears

I step upon a


That leads me to a place

 At the beginning

Where all the things began,

Restore me to my center.

Earthly experiences

Colored by the paints

Dreamt up by human minds,

Distort reality.

We must not

React to leaving

As failure of a kind

But look to greater aspects

See learning in all eyes

Wish well to those who

Can’t understand,

Move along the way.

Turn each cheek

To look inside

Release ourselves

From binds that hold

Our fears and disappointments

And even all our guilt,

Tight in all the places

There’s no way to wiggle free.

I’ll soar above

To new heights

Just so I can see

All the things are waiting just for me.

Let go to my tomorrow

Set free all of today

Release what was yesterday

So all I have is now.

Now I am,

Free of failure, guilt and damaging thoughts

Now I am,

Forgiven, and forgiving

Now I am,

All I came to be.


This poem started out as a way for me to explore time and dimensions of life for me. Personally everyone experiences time and where they are differently, it is all tied to perspective and interpretation. As the poem went on it became more about my own internal dimensions, all the parts of me, all the experiences that make up who I am. I really enjoy this one, because it is very stream of consciousness, it was one of those days where I didn’t do a lot of thinking about what the poem was about or where it was going- I just followed it.

When have you allowed you creativity to take you on a journey?


What are your thoughts?

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