Surrender to the path



Surrender to the Path


I walk along

Sometimes not

Understanding the way,

Looking for signs,

Following my heart

Knowing I’m going the right way.

The path may twist,

And turn

Take me past the same

Places numerous times

I trust it’s always moving forward

Even when it seems to go back.

It’s not about the places,

The physical serves to remind

Of a bigger picture

One that needs not be understood.

Trust, and follow.

Surrender to the knowing

In my heart,

The knowing that is beyond words,

Beyond descriptions.

All is right as it happens,

Because it happens,

Right implies it could be wrong,

But all is as it is,

Right and wrong complicate and

Limit life.

Allow all to be,

Wait and watch how all falls

Into places I never could have imagined.


Life is a path we have to walk every single day. I find that path is a combination of fate and choice. Sometimes it can be very difficult to trust that what I am doing is the right thing for me, that I’m on the right path. But without that trust fear can leak in and cause problems. When I am having moments of doubt I try to remember the probability of my existence, how many things had to happen throughout history in order for me to exist. I mean my very existence depended on everything that happened that caused my parents to meet, that caused their parents to meet and way on back in history to the very beginning. When I remember this, I feel like if all of that had to happen then how could it be wrong? Plus trusting in myself and in life just makes for a happier me!

What helps you trust?


What are your thoughts?

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