Magical Vacation



Magic in the Forest


Traveling through

Misty shadows, winding

Through bright green

Leafy trees, following

Winding rivers to the

Magic spot, the place

Among the trees

Where spirits dance

And angels sleep waiting

For the day when you visit

Their beloved home.

To welcome you in with open

Arms and flower crowns.

Warm fires at night and

Cool brook swims at noon.

Endless hugs and

Lots of love.

A place to be away

From it all, a

Friendly retreat

To rest and recoup

Find yourself among

The stars.


Sometimes I just need a vacation. A chance to rest and relax and be away from daily life. Now I can’t always get away when I want to so instead I take a trip in my imagination. Or sometimes going for a walk in the woods nearby is more than enough. Nature is almost always my go to place for rejuvenation. The mountains, the beach, the forest, lakes, rivers, streams- all places that feed my soul. Even if I can’t go there in person I can write about it and it’s almost as good.

What do you do when you need to get away?


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