Gifts of the Morning



Gifts of the Morning


It’s in the silent surrender

Of the early morning,

Waking to a hushed world

Present for the first few slivers of light

That illuminate after the long cool night,

Where I find my soul

Sitting in gentle meditation

Awaiting my return.

In the deepest silence just before the dawn

I can hear my truth

Whispering clearly all I need to know.

The whispers sound less like words

More like music,

Truth and love need no words to be understood.

I too join in meditation

To be in communion with my soul

With all I am connected to

That abounds in the universe,

To feel, to be the


Back to the basics, the simple

Essence of being.

Before the harried rush of the day,

Before emotions over take, and pull me

Up and down a roller coaster ride.

To hold the space for peace to enter,

For love to enter.

To hold the space for all magical possibilities

And witness my own transformation.

Just to be with all that is,

Allow for a joy greater than thought possible

To enter and take residence.

Allow myself to welcome with open arms all the universe has to give.

Find contentment and peace.

This is what the morning brings,

The moments surrounding dawn on either side

Offer such deep mystical gifts

To all who dare to open their arms, release their fingers down

To show an open palm.

All who are ready to receive shall have the gifts of the morning.

Patience, forgiveness and understanding

Are all I need to drop into the

Brilliance of each new morning.


I am an early morning person! I love to get up before the sun and watch while it slowly creeps up into the sky. It is a special and magical time of day which I love to be a part of. My favorite way to enjoy the morning is through meditation, whether sitting meditation or walking meditation. 

How do you enjoy the morning?


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