Much needed rest





Sometimes the body needs a rest

A moment to recoup and be cared for.

Illness sometimes is the only way

The body can get the brains attention,

Illness forces a person to slow down,

To stop for a while and take care.

While it can be frustrating, painful

Annoying even

Illness is really a body’s way

Of saying hey slow down a bit

You’re moving too fast,



Take it easy.

The body can be insistent

When we don’t listen

It will just keep getting louder.

Take that moment

Allow the body to heal and be heard.


Even while I’m laying in bed feeling crummy I find inspiration. Ever since I had Lyme disease a few years ago I have come to understand that when my body gets sick it’s usually a signal to me that I need to be taking better care of myself and that I need some time to rest. But it still stinks, and I still feel like crap but I’m resting and trying to take care of myself.

What do you think about when you’re sick? 


10 thoughts on “Much needed rest

  1. I have never thought about it that way. I’ve always thought it’s some micro-organism trying to eat me from the inside out. I like your way of thinking of it much better and I think your right. The body needs to recoup and rest sometimes even when we want to keep going. Thank you for the reminder.


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