Dreaming my world



Dreaming Up My World


It’s the moments

When dreams move

Through my mind

When I feel most alive.

When life feels full of opportunities,

All feels ready.

My imagination runs

Wild with delight

Bringing images to mind

Mixing memories with imagined things

Creating futures out of stardust.

I live for the days

Where I can dwell in dreams

Floating above reality,

While the rest of the world plods along

I fly on overhead

Dreaming up a world

Made just for me

Where I can be exactly as I want.

Where I spend my days hiking

Cooking, reading, writing and dreaming.

Where I dance with others,

Carry on great conversations,

Play with children

Share love and life with young minds

Where passion rules

And love is all.


When I’m feeling down, or sick dreaming helps take my mind off my worries. To let my mind wander and dream up amazing and wonderful things can be extremely therapeutic. Of course there always comes a time when I have to snap out of my dream world and take up residence in the physical world around me, but with my dreams inside the physical world can be easier to handle. 

What do you dream?


2 thoughts on “Dreaming my world

    • Wow, that stinks. I can’t imagine what that must be like, I would miss it a lot too. I wonder if there is anything you can do to improve and bring back some of that dreaming and imagining? Maybe like working a muscle? The way physical therapy can help improve motor function, maybe there is some imagination therapy…hmmm. I wonder.


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