Living and writing


Living…Writing…Made Up


To write

Is just to live

In 3D.

Taking words,

Turning them into movements

Wearing them on your sleeve

Watching as they

Cross you in the morning

Meet you once again at bed.

The words become reality

Living breathing before you.

Could it be the other way around

To live

Is just to write

In 2D.

Taking all the movements

Off from your sleeve

Thinking and processing

The moments of the morning

And the meetings now at bed

Till they become the words

Knocking in your brain

To fall from captivity onto

Open, waiting pages.

All made out of images

Pictures in my mind

Drawn up from seeds planted

By hands I can’t see with normal eyes.


Writing in and of itself is a magical inspirational thing for me. When words roll around in my head begging to be written down it’s nothing less than marvelous to me. Words can have such an effect based on the way they are placed together. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful it is to write. 

What do you think about writing?


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