The road



The Road


The road sits before me but

I can’t see all the way.

I can tell it leads

To the mountain

Of my dreams. 

I know its there

That it only waits

For my eyes to see,

So it can show the way.

For now I can only see what’s

Right in front of me,

A small part of the road.

It’s somehow comforting

To know it will lead me home

Even though my eyes can’t

See how right now.


I will walk

Only on the road I see.

I won’t force the road

To come to me.

One step after another

And the road will

Unfold before

My soul.


When in doubt I remember I can only see what is in front of me. That the road – the path of my life is unfolding as I live it, and I can never know what’s around the corner or where life will lead. Instead I have to trust – trust in myself and trust in life and its process.

What helps you on the road of life?


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