A message to myself



Can I Love All of You?


Can I just love you?

With all your flaws,

Perceived imperfections and shortcomings?

Can I embrace you

When you let the pain take over,

When your tears seem to never end

When you give up, and in desperation cry?

Is it possible for me to love

The things I don’t care to see,

The blemishes, the spots that

Are less than what I think as beautiful?

It’s so easy to love you when you’re flying

When joy pours off you in rivers,

When you are consciously in the flow.

That’s not always the case,

You stumble, fall

Scrape a knee or two.

You get angry and afraid,

Unmotivated and melancholy

You refuse to see how amazing you are,

But can I love you not in spite of those things

But because they are just another part of you?

I’m not sure how to do that,

How to love all that scares me in you.

I’d be willing to try,

To take that leap

To love you as a whole,

To love you spirit and soul,

But to also love your body and ego,

To love the you that soars as well as

The you that crumbles.

Because all those parts of you,

Those parts are really



I found myself thinking about love last night. How frequently we focus our idea of love on another person, but the person we forget about loving so often is ourselves. I think because we tend to focus on what is wrong with ourselves, at least I do and it can be difficult to love someone with so many flaws. Yet that is my greatest task to learn how to love myself, not just the parts I enjoy but all the parts.

If you could write a message to yourself what would it be?


7 thoughts on “A message to myself

  1. This is such a beautiful poem! Thank you for writing and sharing it! I think that the message I would write to myself would involve the fact that I’m beautiful despite the imperfections and shortcomings I tend to blow out of proportions, that I have been blessed with so many wonderful things that I shouldn’t worry about dumb things, and that I’m just me and that’s truly beautiful. Just Be Abby. That’s what I would write to myself.


    • Thank you so much, I am glad that you enjoyed it. I love your message to yourself! You are beautiful and it can be so liberating to tell yourself that! I would say even those “imperfections and shortcomings” add to your beauty in their own way. 🙂


  2. I would like to remind my self (in a loving manner, of course) that the only way to truly love someone else is to first learn to love yourself. I am just getting into that and it is telling me that I haven’t known and therefore, loving someone else properly really isn’t part of me right now. I can care and I can love, but that true forever love may be just out of my grasp at the moment. It has been an eye-opening experience to understand this.


    • I really like how your message to yourself would be in a loving manner! That is so important. I completely agree with you that in order to truly love another person you need to first love yourself. I always think of it as a cup, how can I give love to someone else if I haven’t filled my own cup with love. It’s amazing that you are experiencing this right now, and really looking into it and trying to learn from it. You are an amazing person for doing that! Thank you for sharing.


      • The best love example I have is that of myself to my children and them to me. I need to expound that love so that it includes the romantic side and the desire to have it last forever. I don’t understand that. That is my discovery now, which is why I am just now experiencing it at this time.


  3. Beautiful poem ❤ I can totally relate to it. Love is a foreign concept to me. You are so right though, you have to love yourself before you can love another. Even the concept of embracing ever part of you is kind of daunting. I wish you the best of luck on the journey of self love!

    Thank you for sharing, Happy writing!


    • Thank you so much! It’s so wonderful to hear that it was something you could relate to. I agree that embracing every part of ourselves can be very daunting in large part, I think because it means looking at all those parts of ourselves that we don’t like and usually try to avoid. In the end though I think it can be liberating to wholly accept and love ourselves flaws and all, that’s when we can really soar.


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