It can be perfect



Moment Can Be Perfect


A moment can be perfect

Even after a chaotic day

Filled with challenges and changes

One small moment

Of nature

Of a cool fall breeze

Gently sweeping everything else away.


A moment can be perfect

When looking into the eyes of a child

Remembering how simple

Life can be,

How emotions can take over

And be gone in a second.


A moment can be perfect

When we are open to the perfectness of

All the imperfections

That dot our daily lives with

Frustrations, joys, tears and laughs.

When we remember our purpose

Is to live

It is that simple

It is that complicated

All wrapped up into one short

Or long depending how you look at it

Time spent in a human body

On this earth.


A moment can be perfect

If only we can let it be

All it is meant to be

Exactly when it is.


It can be a very difficult thing to see how “perfect” life can be. When I say perfect I mean an imperfect kind of perfect, one that works for me. Basically I mean looking at the little things and being grateful for them and seeing their perfectness in the grand scheme of life. It can be difficult to see that and be grateful for everything in life and in myself and yet it is the most rewarding journey of my life.

What are some things that are perfect in your life?


What are your thoughts?

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