Watch the wisteria fall

In white and purple wisps.

The smell reaches before the sight,

Wrapping me up in

Remembering childhood days,

Climbing in the flower coated trees,

Running on the porch coated in the

Delicate flowers.

Even if the memories aren’t really mine.

Fragile petals weeping fragrant tears

On passers-by.

Lay in the grass,

Caressed by the soft green blades

To watch fluffy white clouds

As they appear in pieces

Through the blooms reaching

Tender tendrils towards my body

Resting calming in the grass.


I’ve got spring fever…and I’ve got it bad. The sun is shining this morning and all I can think about is spring and flowers and warm weather. Too bad it’s only March 2 and things aren’t in bloom and the temperature has yet to reach above 50. It’s not spring yet. The wait is making me itch with anticipation and impatience. It’s frustrating knowing it’s so close and yet so far. A lesson in patience I guess – I’m not too fond of those.

What are some of your lessons in patience?


2 thoughts on “Wisteria

  1. Rehab for my stroke was my greatest lesson in patience. To have to relearn everything, even making a text message and carrying milk from the car to the house without dropping it.
    Feels good once the lessons are learned, though.


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