Trust the jump


Trust the Jump


Reaching out just to discover

I’m standing on the edge.

Time has come to


Soar out into the


Leap in the darkness

With trust,

Deep knowing

That either

I’ll discover how to fly

Or something soft will catch me at the bottom.

It isn’t crazy or too optimistic

It’s just reality.

If I stay, and neglect the need to jump

I’ll being saying no to living.

It really isn’t an option,

You can say no to living the way you say no to breathing

It’s not an option.


This morning the sun is trying to peak out and all I can think about it trusting in the universe. Trusting that things will turn out alright, that things are alright, that patience will pay off and one day my dreams will come true. In order for that trust to happen, I need to jump into it, just jump into trusting the universe and myself. It can be a tough thing taking that leap of faith whether in yourself, another person or life. Yet like so many other things I have talked about here it can be so very much worth it! Not to mention is can be incredibly exciting and thrilling to leap into faith and trust. Just another piece of the adventure of life.

When have you taken a leap of faith?


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