It’s coming



On the Wind


I can smell it

A scent of birth and renewal

Of green and light

It’s the way spring smells.

It’s coming, I can feel it

The wind blows strong and cold

But underneath is

The hope, the coming of spring.

The earth is shifting and moving

Right under my feet

The energy wriggles slowly up to

My bare toes squishing in the grass.

This is a time where patience is tested

Where nature is the well-equipped teacher

Nature takes its time and does only as it knows

While I wait with tapping feet for warmer weather

Sunshine and blooms of flowers all around.

It is also a time of intense hope,

I know it’s coming, it will soon be here

Hope is running high as the streams filled with


Mixing hope and patience is a complicated thing.

Enough to make one crazy,

That’s what happens in the spring

It’s called spring fever.

But at least it’s spring and

We known the cold winter months

Are close coming to an end.


Yesterday the sun was out finally in a clear blue sky and it was a beautiful thing! I am so very much ready for spring, albeit it a bit impatiently ready. But even though it was windy and a bit chilly I can smell it, spring it’s on the underside of the wind, and I can feel it on the ground and see little flowers beginning to sprout. That is very encouraging!

How do you feel about springtime?


What are your thoughts?

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