Filled With Trees


It will calm your mind

And your soul

To sit and watch a tree.

I mean really watch it,

Until it fills you up,

Notice without concentrating

On the leaves, the flowers,

The breeze moving the branches.

Wait and the picture will fill

Your entire field of vision.

You will become the tree for a moment.

Let it happen,

Allow the stillness in,

Let it fill you,

The silence, the completeness

A way to just be.

Drink in the sunshine, and the dirt underfoot.

To be filled with trees is to be.

Let the earth fill you

With all her gifts

She offers them freely without judgment.

Peace and contentment settle into every cell

When I am with nature. 


Nature – trees, are the best medicine for me when I’m having a bad day. Just sitting under a tree or even standing near a tree placing my hands on it allows me to stop, to settle down and sync with the slowness, the being of the tree. Sometimes it’s quick and easy to feel better, other times it takes a while or returned attempts. But it always works. I think it reminds me not to take everything so seriously and just let things be.

What in nature helps you?


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