My direction





Just because you cannot see

The direction that I’m heading

Doesn’t mean I’m directionless.

I walk a path I cannot see,

Trusting in my feelings,

Knowing where I’m going

Is greater than anything my mind could


I’m open to the possibilities,

Awaiting things I haven’t seen.

Knowing what I don’t want,

Where I’m not going is just

As important as knowing what I do.


My direction is not a road,

Already laid, prepared for me.

I’m building it as I go,

It hasn’t been seen before,

It never existed until now.

I know where I’m headed, in my heart

I know what I want

Is passion, satisfaction, joy, love

To make a difference, to be


I already have those things and

I follow them without hesitation.


For those who cannot see,

I’m sorry that you cannot reach beyond

The boxes you reside in.

But I won’t be boxed,

I won’t allow my direction to be

Shortened, stunted, changed or

Judged for being different.

I walk with the confidence that

My heart is true and let the rest all fade away.


I want something more that a job,

More than a career,

More than 2.5 kids and a dog.

I want excitement,

Passion, drive.

I want a reason for living that

Lights me up.

I want peace and contentment

That comes from a deeper place.

I want meaning.

That is my direction,

That is my way.

I will walk it every day

It would be death to be otherwise.


I need this reminder today. I need this reminder on any day when I’m feeling slightly lost and disconnected from my direction, when fear creeps in causing doubt to grow. I need to remember I’m on a path, a direction lead by my heart. Maybe remembering that will help warm my heart and bring me back to my direction.

What is your direction?


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