A song



A Song

Could fill a heart

Change the rhythm

Of its beating.

Has the power

To bring tears

To empty eyes.

Raises goose bumps

On warm skin.

A song

Reaches beyond

And through the body

We inhabit, to the soul.

An invisible wave washing

Over, and sweeping up those

Fortunate enough to stand in the way.

Smoky tendrils of water, twining in and up

Taking hold of anything exposed, dragging, pulling

Taking it down, to a place where nothing else exists or matters.

Lost in the music, caught up in the song, the melody and words make

Captives of your senses, leaving nothing untouched, until it

Begins its slow release, rolling itself back out to sea

Leaving everything washed up, soaked, all alone

Shaken to the core, but still living

Breathing, very much alive

Better yet for the



Music is such an integral part of my life. Music can affect my emotions and my emotions affect what music I want to listen to. Music runs in my veins all the time. It’s why I love to dance, it’s what brings me immense joy. So of course music would inspire my writing.

What is you relationship with music?


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