Me day!



Take A Day


Walked out of the house today

In fuzzy socks, pajama pants and a sweatshirt

Just to walk the dog.

It’s days where I recognize I’ve done too much,

And am too happy to care

What anyone else has to say about me.

Take a day

Any day, make it a joy day, a me day,

A happy day, a silly day, a just don’t give a hoot day.

Sleep till you can’t anymore,

Take a really hot bath, and soak until you look like a prune,

Then bake really fudgy brownies

Gluten free if you need.

Eat them and lick your fingers,

Put on the sexiest outfit you own

Wink at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how

Damn hot you are.

Drink water out of wine glasses,

Have champagne with breakfast.

Set the table, light a candle and

Have a romantic dinner with yourself.

Turn of your phone, and leave work outside the door.

Get a massage,

Read a book, one of those sappy romance novels

That you secretly love.

Watch movies that bring tears to your eyes.

Lay outside just to feel the sun,

Walk barefoot in the grass in a fancy dress.

Drive until you find something that makes you want to stop,

Put your towels in the dryer right before you use them,

Walk down the street like the rock-star you are.

Give yourself a great big hug

Hideaway until you’re ready to see the world again.

Do what makes you smile,

What makes you fill with glee

And do it on your own time

When you want to because you want to.

It’s days like these, when I laugh

Out loud at the beauty of it all.

Making time for me,

Is the most important thing.

Take a selfish day, and revel in it,

Even if it’s hard, just pretend.

Play a part in a movie,

Where you get to be the rich, selfish leading role.

It really is OK,

Just for a day.

Don’t let it get to your head,

The point is to have fun, and fill yourself up

Be a model to the rest,

Just remember you are not the be all and end all

We are all in this together,



Every now and then I need a me day. A day to rest, recoup and refill my cup – so to speak. I think these kind of days are vastly important to every single human being. We all need days where we can let go of our serious sides and just have fun on our own terms, whatever that means. Me days make everything else seem a little bit better and a little less serious. 

What would you do on your me day?


What are your thoughts?

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