Happy daylight savings!



Daylight Savings


Today we lost an hour

In the fall we’ll get it back.

But the passing of time

Doesn’t change.

What is time?

Numbers on a clock face

Red blinking lines

On a digital clock.

The seconds and minutes that tick by

While we wait.

Or the hours that fly

While we laugh.

What do we really know

Of time?

We created it, we named it

We tried to put it in a box.

But time is slippery

It pushes forward

And reaches far behind.

It exists only in this moment

Only in the now

Yet we know it existed once before

And we trust it will

Exist again.

How can we lose an hour

And gain another.

Imagine a life with no clocks, without time

Is there anything to lose,

Anything to gain?


We set the clocks forward last night, effectively trimming an hour off of my sleep. Well not really because I slept until I woke up because it’s Sunday and I don’t have anywhere to be. But I always find this concept of changing the clocks interesting. I mean look at nature it doesn’t lose or gain an hour it just exists. Time fascinates me because while it exists as numbers on a clock because we need a way to organize each day, it also exists as something completely outside of those numbers. Then I breathe and all that exists is right now – this moment.

What do you think about time?


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