Evening sky


Painted Evening Sky


A painted evening sky

Never makes me wonder why

I am here.

Strokes of pink, yellow and orange

Along a changing blue backdrop

With streaky white clouds

Calm me in a way nothing else ever could.

Instilling a sense of wonder

A sense of awe and

A sense that things are as they were meant to be.

A rightness in the world,

A sense of being perfect,

Of being.

Such beauty for no reason

Other than to be.

Inspires me to just be,

For no reason other than existing.

Beauty without knowing it is beautiful

Without seeking reward.

To have an existence that is important

Merely because it is.


What a wonderful feeling I can get from a beautiful sunset. It can change everything and make everything OK. It has the power to bring up a feeling of trust and knowing within me that I am so grateful for. It gives me the sense that things are right in the world merely because they are. That gives me hope.

What gives you a sense of trust in the world?


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