To let go



Letting Go


As the ocean lets go of the waves

Releasing them to the shore

We too must release control.

Fighting only wears us out.

Time comes in its own

Things happen as they will,

Action is necessary,

But beyond a point

No matter how hard you fight,

How much you push,

Life happens anyway.

In letting go we gain the most control,

Without attachment, or

Desire to be in control

We become one with

That which is in control.

Even that makes too little of a word

So complex and tricky

With so much attached.

Letting go we gain control,

Listen with your heart

You’ll understand the difference.

Realize that the greatest amount

Of control you’ll ever have

Is the choosing

To let go. 

Trusting in the world,

The universal energy and design

The control, which doesn’t seek control

Which is managed by free will.

Spin reality for a moment

Remember what we’ve always known

No control, is more control than power ever brought.


Letting go, of anything, of everything can be one of the hardest things and yet one of the most liberating. I’m always writing about things that are hard but worth it. And they are hard but not complicated. But I know for myself when I can let go of something – release an emotion that has been weighing me down – I feel so much lighter and more open. That is the time when miracles happen. Again it all comes back to trust. When I’m rock climbing I have to trust that the person belaying me won’t let me fall in order for me to let go of the rock. The same thing applies in any situation that requires letting go. You have to have an underlying trust that in letting go things will work out.

What do you need to let go of?


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