The journey


The Journey

A journey worth

A lifetime

Is the one into myself.

A discovery of who I am

What I am made of

Where I belong

What I have to offer.

An adventure to

A place of love

A place where passion

And drive meet to create

Extraordinary things.

A voyage across

Many seas of misinformation

Of despair and dissatisfaction

To the seas of wonder and acceptance

Of love, contentment and peace.

A trip inside myself

Through all the outward problems

Challenges and successes

To the deepest part of my being.

A place ever present and

Consistently filled with love.

Beyond the outward appearances and


To the strong foundation that sits

At my core,

Calmly waiting for me to settle there.

I am on this journey to myself. It can be a tricky journey, one in which I encounter fears and sadness. But I also encounter and am filled with great love and joy. It’s always an adventure learning about myself. When I can let go and not take it so seriously that’s when miracles happen.

What does your journey look like?


What are your thoughts?

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