In my night



Inside My Night


There are no words

To explain

What goes on in my head.

The tumbles and mumbles

Of thoughts and things

Running and spinning with pings

To spaces around the

Vessels in my brain.

I’m the broken


We all have to stare at

With hopes of not getting caught.


The stars burn bright

Inside my night

My fires extinguish

For blazing too hot too fast.

A brilliant question

Soaring or falling above the rest

Depending on your point of view.


Turn your head to see the world

As it was before.

Twist it up

To watch things fall into new places.

A kaleidoscope

Of wanting, craving

Changes to the pictures

In front of me.


It’s one of those days where my mind won’t stop going. Where all the fears and worries are just circling round and round ready to pounce. I’m trying and working at staying in the present moment. Reminding myself that worrying about tomorrow isn’t productive. Right now, it isn’t working so well. But I’ll keep at it.

What helps when your mind is stuck worrying?


4 thoughts on “In my night

  1. I am much luckier now in that, since the stroke, I don’t find myself worrying as much about things. It has freed me to both feel better and get more done. That has been good as things take longer so I need the time to get them done. I don’t know if that made any sense, but, just know it is nice to worry less and do more even if I do things slower.


  2. I try to remember George Carlins two rules of life, during those times.
    #1 “Don’t worry about the little stuff”
    #2 “It’s all little stuff”
    Not quite how George put it, but close enough. Shine on. Peace.


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