Breaking down


Breaking Down


Footsteps crunching along gravel roads

Pushing further, moving faster.

Everything is breaking down,

It’s all trying to get away,

All the stuff weighing me.

Hopes, dreams, beliefs


Crumble and fall.

A trail of crumbs behind me

Leaves a path,

While my foundation

Breaks down, as

I scramble for sure footing,

Jumping and hoping

Searching for the one

That won’t move,

Wiping me out.


This is a poem that I feel isn’t quite finished yet. But it’s appropriate to post because it’s where I am, shedding off the old, making way for new. But it’s not finished because I haven’t figured out what the new looks like – can’t write about it yet. I know the breaking down cracks and punctures the shell that I need to move beyond in order to be free. I’m just waiting to see what will hatch. I love how this emotional journey I’m on right now so closely coincides with the coming of spring. Coincidence…I think not.

What are some things you would like to shed this spring?


5 thoughts on “Breaking down

  1. Soooooooo know what you mean about letting go, making room, only to be left feeling terrified, uncertain, angry, frustrated, sad, alone, etc., etc. I’ve no doubt you’ll get there, right where you belong – as will I.


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