After the rain


A walk after the rain


After the rain

All the earth is fresh

The air is clean and new

It has just been scrubbed and showered.

The ground shows the evidence

Without shame,

Before it has had a chance to fully drink

In the cloud sent potion.

The blue of the sky so crisp after the gray

Of the cloud cover hid it away.

The sparkle of the sun reflects the last drops.

All of nature is renewed,

We all reach up to the sun as though we had never before seen.

All that was wilting has renewed strength,

Trees reach out with more resolve than ever before

Glistening and gleaning showing off for all the rest.

What a gift this rain has been

But so too is the sun that follows it.

Everyday no matter what it brings is



It takes a good rain to cleanse the earth. If you have ever taken a moment to really look at and be in nature right after it has rained you can feel a difference. There is an energy in the air, a cleansed feeling pervading everything. I feel this same feeling after a good cry. So often nature can help teach me what I need. A good rain – a good cry – can be just what I need to wash away all the fear and frustration.

What do you notice after it rains?


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