When she comes slinking back

With images of horror,

With a chilling breath on my neck,

To seize my body in fear

And twist my gut into unrecognizable shapes

I am tempted,

I falter for a moment

Allowing myself

To be captured by fear, by worry.

I take a breath

Deep inside,

While she works her destruction

Close my eyes

And turn to face her straight on,

Lift my hand

An arc though the air

To reach out in front


You have no power here.

I open my eyes

Calm and clearly see

She is just a child

Searching for protection

She is vulnerability.

She stops in her tracks

And I stare into her depths

As I let out my breath

She blows away on the wind

Leaves lifted and carried away.

I am left with light warming within.

Peace and power. 


This poem is about what can happen when I choose to stand in my power. What can happen when I don’t let fear and worry control me. It can be challenging to stand in my power when worry and fear seem so strong – when there are things happening in life that cause me to worry. Yet, I can choose to take control and say no to worry and fear. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t ever worry or feel fear, but there is difference between feeling fear and letting it control you.

What helps you get over fear?


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