To be loved



To Be Loved


That  moment when you know

Without a shadow of a doubt

That you are loved.

When something

Or a string of somethings

Happen that let you know

That you are indeed

Deeply and truly loved.

It sneaks up on you sometimes

A look

A smile

A word

And suddenly you are overcome

With emotion

Tears of joy

Spring from feeling so much love

You have no other way to

Feel it than to cry.

When you feel so full, so warm

So the opposite of alone.

You know for that moment that love

Is all that matters

You know that feeling is what life is all about.


I am so very lucky to have the parents I do. It’s the little and the big things that they do everyday that let me know that I am loved unconditionally. In times when I am struggling and feeling alone, that love is what can help see me through. I forget sometimes just what an amazing effect love can have on someone!

When do you most fee loved?

Happy First Day of Spring!!


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