Lessons from an apple


Lessons from an apple:

Look at me

I mean really look at me

Take in my true essence

I have some truths to share with you


Be still

I am not troubled if my color is irregular

I take joy in any color that shows on my skin

I do not rush

I do not get angry

When it seems to take so long to grow

I cannot make myself grow any faster

I do not fret over sufficient sustenance

The universe provides all I need

The sun shines when I need it

The rain comes down when I need it

The dirt is there when I need it

I do not worry at all

My sweetness runs true and deep

I am happy to be eaten and enjoyed

Baked in a pie or eaten raw off the tree

Just as happy to fall to the earth

To decompose and become a source of food for those to come

Never in my life am I disconnected from these truths

I am in every way these truths

What you know deep inside, in the part of you that is a part of me

Is that you are these truths as well

We are together made of the essence of life

Look at me

I mean really look at me


Be still

I am there

We are one connected to all things


Yesterday was the first day of spring, a day I have been waiting for for a while now. Although here in NJ it was a bit too chilly to really be spring I was relieved none-the-less. Spring is one of those times of year when I find it very easy to see and understand the lessons nature has to offer. This poem is one of those ways I see nature teaching. Apples happen to be my favorite fruit and I eat a lot of apples, hence this poem is from an apple.

What does nature teach you?


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